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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Public Participation and GiS

Many local governments around the world have put GIS portals available for citizens and non-citizens of their jurisdiction. You can explore many cities by going on their on-line GIS pages. The flexibility of these on-line GIS sites are getting more powerful. What needs to be done is to make them interactive vehicles for citizens to see such items as rezoning requests, new subdivision applications, abandoned properties, planned roads and other public facilities. This may be being done by some GIS departments, but I am not aware of it. This would give the public the chance to review possible changes that may negatively affect their cities or their neighborhood such as environmental problems, traffic problems, lack of pedestrian facilities for new developments, etc. Along with this should be classes and online tutorials provided by the GIS department to help citizens how to use these enhanced applications. It should be further noted that they should be made portable so that they can be used on mobile devises such as cell phones, Ipad’s etc., not just on a lap top or desk top. I would apprecitate any comments on this topic.. I will be doing further research on how cities are trying to engage citizens through their on line GIS applications.